vehemence, is time’s thief!

i house oceans
           of compassion
                      for humans
      who are broken,

however there
             reaches a plateau
                          where some
                   who appear shattered

are nothing
     but narcissistic

         what is worse,
                  being a freeloader
                          of space,
     and liquor


one who consistently
               attempts to monopolize
                        seasons with their petulant

i’m all
         for assisting
                          but not copacetic
          when my contorted  
                       spirit is abused
by those
         i genuinely
                    attempt to aid.

i know,
        no other way
                      here on this earth
          for a specific purpose. 

when it comes
        to those who
              attempt to bend
     me to their will
they'll encounter a pennywise
                     size surprise.
           here to help,
                    i’ll never permit
           human beings
                   to take advantage
                           of my time
                                in a fashion where
                     my soul suffers  
            from lack of minutes 
for self care.

juxtaposition rant 
                exits stage left! 

Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, She’s A Ligger, But I Like Her


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