unread vs seen & ignored!

everybody abhors it!
everybody finds it rude!
so, why do it?
i comprehend
why no one desires
to be ignored

i also understand
nobody yearns for spam
(unless it’s with pancakes
or french toast.)

a dm interaction
can be immensely

if it’s lifestyle related,
a close friend who perhaps
has an insane schedule
will consistently reply,
although some may feel
ignored by a seen status
and no reply. those
in my book are ok, as a tiny
bit of realisation would
allow you to discern
you are not being ignored
just differed.

but, what about the twist
and turns of a first date,

was brought into the melange
with a slew of unanswered
dms – it would cause a three
fire alarm in my mind.

Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, First Date 


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