The nonsensical art, poachers utilise
has absolutely NOTHING to do with eloquence  
-- only an increase of massacres.  Humans,
are not excellent boundary establishers
when it comes to a sustainable society.

Let’s take a look at a few examples shall
we – oceans obviously house a tremendous
amount of water.  Basically, a desert in liquid
form as opposed to granules of sand or
in the case of the Sahara plankton exoskeleton.

Contemplate for a moment the vast fields
of exploration -- to hunt sharks exclusively
for their dorsal fin and left with a sliced
body to sink into a tormented grave --
is not just unfortunate but riddled with EXTREME

sorrow.  Or, when Diane Fossey advocated
for the gorillas to ensure survival of the species
while ugly individuals would consistently  
sever hands to be used as ashtrays.  My question,
why on this beautiful lush hued vibrant earth

would anyone condone a course of action
which extinguishes a cigarette on a furry soft
detached paw? It’s not exotic to be the soul
stealer of these majestic animals –
to be frank it’s quite unethical.  Conceptualise

for a moment with me, if our universe
took a dark and twisty path, if animals knew
the course of action we take with their bodies
-- in turn could comprehend what truly occurs.
There would be a TREMENDOUS rebel

alliance to stop humans and all would
NEVER be forgiven for past actions.

Inspired by Anna Mazzotta, Wearing Friends 


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