How many dance clubs have you been to?

This beautiful painting 
by Anna Mazzotta entitled “8:59” 
of a woman in a relaxed pose 
on a vibrantly adorned bedspread 
engaged in a book -- is me growing 

up.  Except I had a journal 
by my side in addition to a novel.  
My friends were nonjudgmental 
literary characters: Alice, Anne 
Shirley, Sarah, Frankenstein, 

Lestat and my favourites of all 
Vladimir & Estragon. My yo-yo 
selection of idiosyncratic characters 
rivals my playlist. I can go from 

in a heartbeat. Which makes it comical 
that I’ve only been to 4 dance clubs 
my entire life.  And regret nothing. 

Our lives rely on our intimate boudoir 
moments to be able to breathe. One can 
inhale all the elements of magic from 


In the presence of artistic impressions 
I’m riddled with pure mirth, at the prospect 
of a year long study based on this body of work. 

I once said to Anna:

       “you bleed oil paints and charcoal 
               and I bleed ink and letters."  

Imaginariums are wonderful, they allow 
our senses to heighten and appreciation 
the result of MASSIVE passion.

And by the way, before I forget, the dog 
on my bed that I was ever never able to have 
would’ve been called Archimedes - the wise owl 
from The Sword In The Stone.

Inspired by Anna Mazzotta, 8:59


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