Butterfly Totem

Times of confusion present themselves
with a plethora of strife & inadequacy.
Conceived by l’etoile, constantly nestled

inside of the vast indigo blue-black strata.
I find, my comfort inside a feather-wall
torture chamber – which allows easy passage

inside-and-out. Pitch exists to comprehend
the functionality of colour throughout
the light of day.  Turmoil eases an effervescent

sunlight, which luminates our personal verity.
Where I'm from, war devastated not only
the architecture, but also the core exposed

to atrocities of bloodshed. Oblivious to the fact,
that at the age of 3 ½, the monarch butterfly
my father brought home one day would start

a chain of their appearance throughout
my life. Metamorphosis and adversity
are consistently a raw theme to my journey.

Honestly, no clue as to how my strength
endured. There reaches a point
where it’s essential for you to stop –

stop being there for individuals who berate
you – their one goal is to make you feel
tiny.  My butterfly totem, assists

with the acknowledgement that courage
of character and coeur will not be consumed
by ugly figures destined to cause nothing

but ache. Metamorphosis, enriches
our philosophies and transcend
ink and paint to fluid bone and blood beings

into an air of raw enrichment.   

Inspired by: Anna Mazzotta, The Butterfly Tattoo 


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