Ballet points adored with spikes

Femininity used to mean long pencil skirts,
fitted argyle sweaters, hands constantly
adorned with elbow length crushed velvet

gloves, a perfectly knotted scarf, and either
a pair of Mary-Jane, Oxfords, or those elegant pair
I used to love as a child – closed toe stiletto

heels with an elegant centimetre thick ribbon
to wrap around the ankle. I know, I am mismatching
fashion eras. I honestly had several in-vogue

styles & hues -- which float inside my ventral
occipital lobe. I can envision a plethora at once,
my cerebral optic doesn’t settle on one look but,

numerous.  Women throughout the course of
history have been forced to endure numerous
unjust moments – and we are still at war.

It’s EXTREMELY necessary to acknowledge
women and the innovations within our herstory.
As a woman, I want to raise my daughters

with the comprehension that remarkable
impossibilities exist within open possibilities.
I also want them to understand what it means

to be feminine, as it pertains to strong careers
regardless of field, and look pretty to the point
that they themselves feel good about who

they are – with or without maquillage.

Inspired by Anna Mazzotta, Last Check 


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