Abnormal -- in the best possible way!

Throughout my life, 
the myriad of moments
I would introduce 

someone to my parents, 
the majority of the time 
a "hello" would be accompanied 

with “you're responsible 
for spawning this?!” 
While a finger mysteriously 

pointed in my direction. 
One thing about myself, 
I completely know -- I don’t 

have a normal bone in my body. 
Consistently different, 
than everybody else

and literally ostracised 
for it.You know what 
the remarkable aspect to life 

really is? When you start 
to comprehend what your true 
identity is, the person you’re able 

to look at in the mirror 
and the person you’re brave 
enough to be. Normal has 

always been overrated.  
If you open your optics 
wide enough to see the truth 

which is pure --  surrounded 
by beautiful individuals who 
are far from normal.

Inspired By Anna Mazzotta, The woman that tried to be normal 


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