A Philanderer, Idiot, and Arrogant Prude

How much torture can one human
being endure? It’s of no consequence
if reality lies in: emotional, verbal, mental,
or physical pain. To be constantly
betrayed by those you thought

adored you. Is the type of heart wrenching
emotion -- where your auditory senses
amplify and you hear yourself shatter.
The amount of rage a human being
possesses may manifest for decades.

Cathartic release emerges in the form
of plasma-charcoal ink. Each one, except
the one I am with, had a love affair similar
to that of Narcissus and his looking glass.
The level of endless arrogance [enter scoff here]

would be a puzzle of bewilderment, even
the Mad Hatter, wouldn't dive into a deeper
well of severe confusion. How can human
beings proceed with innate arrogance?
Who literally plant bombs of despair all over

somebody’s magnificent black-and-white
dreamscape? There reaches a point, where
it’s not worth the weight of burden anymore.
When I started to finally release my misery —
the emotions experienced provided EXTREME

self-assurance and comfort. I was able
to finally be free from the glare of the ocean
blue eyes -- I had grown to genuinely despise.
An incredible lesson learned don’t question
your worth. EVER! Especially by one, who spends

an infinity in front of a candy-glass mirror.

Inspired by Anna Mazzotta, Why Am I so Handsome


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