Spoony Sweets Review By Janine Giske

Spoony Sweets Cereal Cafe is such an interesting and innovative idea that one has no choice but to visit.  However, if you go once, you are sure to go back - time and time again.

Spoony Sweets IS about cereal, but it's not about breakfast.  Cereal can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a midday snack.  Because frankly, who doesn't like cereal?

You can get your cereal in a bowl, just like you do at your own kitchen table.  But Spoony Sweets even takes that a step further; you can combine cereals, add a flavored drizzle, add a snack, experiment with different milks.  Ha!  You can even eat your cereal in a bowl made out of cereal.   They have several bowls on their menu, but you can feel free to make up your own.  The combinations are truly endless. 


They also offer two other wonderful types of cereal meals - which, truthfully, are more like dessert.  There is the banana sushi roll, which combines a banana, spread, and cereal in a wrap and then drizzled in yummy flavor with more cereal added on top. As with the bowls, there are menu items, but you can also make your own. You even get chopsticks and a fortune cookie.  Spoony Sweets has an amazing pannini selection, as well; it combines a spread, fruit, and cereal and then is toasted to perfection.  I could eat both of these all day, every day.

I haven't tried the homemade yogurt yet, but I have to assume that it is as good as everything else on the menu.

Spoony Sweets in Hamilton NJ has a cereal selfie wall where you can take pictures and post to your favorite social networks, making your friends and followers jealous of the amazingness that you are experiencing. 

Owners Ryan and Medina give you personalized attention and always make sure that your meal is perfect and that your time there is fun. 

This is an experience that you MUST have, at least once in your life.  But again, I can guarantee you, if you go once, you will most likely be back.  If I had to rate Spoony Sweets, I'd give them top ratings in every category - menu, cleanliness, atmosphere, comfort, management, friendliness, innovation, and everything else.

Spoony Sweets - GET SOME!!!!     


  1. This all looks so tasty! Will definitely check it out if I'm ever in the neighborhood.

    1. You totally should Niels. And the innovation is remarkable -- Medina & Ryan are constantly prospering with new delicious menu choices!


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