Original Poetry By Jennifer Grisham


Riddle me this:

How do such sweet smiles
sit upon pools of perpetual sadness?
How do flowers press themselves 
into such exhausted eyelids?
Can roses still grow tall
when thorns consume them all,
briars building upon themselves
into impenetrable walls?

Riddle me that:

Why am I rescinding raven,
at her writing desk wrought with anxiety?
Why do I find so much solace at home
when my heart aches to set itself out to sea?

And when the looking glass
makes my strong-willed frame 
shrink itself all the way down to shy,
how do your hands steady these shoulders so
without ever asking me why?

Where is it shall I end up?
Who, in fact, am I?
I have chrysalised six times already.
I’ve chrysalised six times.

Muse Me Up

You’re the syllables on my tongue. 

The ones that  I can only speak in my sleep. 
You are the secrets  I can never say,
tucked safely inside
back pockets —
the ones you like when I wear,
the ones with the cute buttons sewn on. 

I am all mess and mused up,
adrenaline rush and doped up
(on you),
on chocolate-flavored endorphins. 

I will paint. I will paint. And I will
paint these words onto the walls 
until the blue streaks in your name 
are birthed into a something. 
Into us.  

And until we are all
oceans and bedsheets,
drunk on wine and 
pentametered poetry,
a symphony of two 
tangos unable to touch. 
It’s perfectly fine. 
Use me up. 
Muse me up. 
It’s just enough. 

I am the Oxford Comma 

Shrouded in sensuality 
my depths run deep within
an oceanic soul that breathes
poignancy and endings. 

Smoking gun of blossomed beginnings 
shrieking shards of laughter 
and moans of self-savor —
I am a treasure
locked up in mausoleums 
and museum cases on display 
of old-world admiration. 

I’ve put the “classic” back
into Old Hollywood,
pin-up curls and Marilyn lips,
A perpetual a poised pause 
dressed up in full stops. 
I’m alive in my death,
a passion-riddled love affair
of literary sex. 

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