i am not a succubus, i am cerberus!

the underworld is a truly dangerous place
which houses, not only the most despicable souls
but those who are so broken. they no longer
have an idea as to why they are trapped
to begin with. everything ends up so turned
around and upside down – a three dimensional
labyrinth that spans tree branch direction – 
dr seuss honestly would have a field day 
in attempt to authentically decipher all 

the infinite pathways. it’s as bonkers 
Echidna, Valisa Bernardino
as willy wonka’s factory. lands within lands 
that seek nothing but a morsel of solace. 
here is a clue, that perhaps may be worth 
a tuppence or two with regards to knowledge. 
when you declare yourself, your true self, 
the verity within you, which showcases 
not only the beauty but the bile beneath 
your immortal essence. the piece 
of excrement that constantly brushes
up against a heart that is being held together
by safety pins, tape, staples, and thread.
i am, that who does not require a mate
in order to guard the never-ending consciousness
of those who are brought to live out
their journey – in a place that is far from
genuinely pleasant. with three heads that
each hold a purpose. the first deciphers
language and can adapt to verbal tongues
instantly. the second houses the ability
to see through another’s soul, their true
intentions. and, the third and final head
of my perfect trifecta – is the knowledge
to acknowledge false truths recited
by those who consistently seek evil.
i am cerberus, a vanguard among those
who used to be men!

Original Poetry by Rania  M M Watts 


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