In a crowd, my face keeps its silhouette:
a core desperate for an exorcism.
These other nemesis absorb a mask,
handcrafted by the artisans under the sea.

Callused beings with a body texture to match,
facades fashioned from the base of a Venetian mask
immersed into liquid leather, hung from tarnished metal
hooks to dry before horrible words were carved
with a newly forged blade, cursed to transform the beings
beneath their black cloaks into that utterance.
Believe me, the usual skulls would be a welcome relief!

In an attempt to bypass the will of the fates,
find my salvation in a flask of laudanum.
The plague-doctor had arrived.
It is not your time. Return.
Confronted with the realization
I was spawned broken, guilty & maudlin,

I sought a liquid refuge, a baptism of renewal
in the waves of the indigo luminous sea.
Allowed to float, I'm grateful for the fluid tranquility!
I found it necessary to offer a sacrifice
to the majestic temple of Athena.
Delighted, Neptune found me lost in prayer
to request forgiveness for my own murder.
Unable to restrain himself,
he pushed me down onto the cold tile,
forced his way & captured my innocence.
I did not shed a single tear.
How tragic: the King of all the oceans claimed my being.
Yes! I felt overcome by desolation.
How could such a miraculous deity forsake me?

My Goddess, Athena, has to avenge my rape,
the desecration of her devoted structure.
Did she think twice about a reprimand for Neptune?
No: she probably relished my demise
and fucked him that same night.

Athena fancied my anguish;
watching my pain, my transformation
into a hideous beast, was not enough.
I have no idea why? Why is never a question
that anyone wants to answer?

Seriously, may your broken, vile desecrated
inner sanctum crumble - bowls of fruit,
spices scattered all over.

Because I was severely damaged,
My wish in return, you are blessed with the same honour.

I am Medusa, the only mortal Gorgon sister,
a somewhat passable beautiful sea nymph
made into a chthonic beast, snakes writhe
in lieu of my luscious locks.

Why not turn Poseidon into an abomination?
I was the one humiliated & violated:
their annihilation will be my vengeance.

A myriad of inner wishes, to a path of
transcendence of Neptune & Athena into mortals.
Then I could mutate their beings into little statuettes,
invite Cyclops over to break their fragile stone bodies
one piece at a time, then gleefully play a game of
let's put the body parts back together,

than breath life back into their ugly & deformed beings.
Perhaps in that moment, I would feel complete with their demise!
As Perseus crept into my asylum the blood in his
veins grew cold; he drew his blade.

Remembered, as he had practiced,
a constant reminder to himself to not look at my face
as I had a way to entice men when they least expected it,
a lifetime spent in a perfect individualized chrysalis.

A twitch & stir, of my decapitated corpse
releases a frightened ivory sprinkled Pegasus,
a savage & magnificent creature out from
something visibly repugnant.

If you dare, feel the bravery in your heart,
climb to the top of Mount Olympus,
go to Athena‘s temple at noon.
When the sun hits her glorious statue,
find the aegis, ensure that your hands do not tremble.
I promise with all my snakes:
You will not be disappointed!

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