Interview with Special Effects Artist and Body Painter, Isobelle Carmichael

I’ve always found cosmetics to be very interesting how they can literally transform human beings into creatures from Fantasies, Sci-Fi or even Horror and Gore.  And, my interview with Special Effects Artist, Body Painter and all-round Cosmetic magician Isobelle Carmichael also known as Eyesobell is filled with honest wisdom for someone who is so young.  This girl is amazing, and you know what she is completely self taught.  For more information on Isobelle please follow her on Instagram at @eyesobell and check out her YouTube Page you won’t be disappointed you did. Isobelle does a fabulous job not only applying make up but also with her in depth tutorials.

RMMW: As a self-taught cosmetic artist what do you think is the most difficult thing you had to teach yourself?

IC: The hardest thing to teach myself was blending. I’m still not great at it but there’s only so much you can learn about it from others, or from watching videos... ultimately, no matter how well you know the technique in your head, you still have to be good at it personally and that can be tough.

RMMW: Have you ever been creatively blocked and if yes, how did you overcome it?

IC: Yes, constantly. Usually I go back through my old work and recreate it with what could have been improved, and it doesn’t always work but often that helps me out of the funk.

RMMW: Do you have any artists rituals before starting a new piece?

IC: I usually like to have a show playing in the background, and I map it out in my head a little sometimes.

RMMW: Do you have a favourite type of cosmetic that you are constantly using?

IC: I’m a big fan of a lot of companies, but Ben Nye, Make Up For Ever, and Vermillion FX are some favourites.

RMMW: What is your favourite look created by you?

IC: I have a few favourites... I like Tiffany because it doesn’t look like me at all, and I love my last degloved finger!

RMMW: Who is your favourite makeup artist?

IC:  I love a lot of artists... @roriemua/goreora and @spfxbylex are both really talented ladies.

RMMW: How do you stay ahead of the latest beauty trends?

IC: I don’t really feel that I do; I kind of just do what inspires me and for the most part don’t even notice trends until they’ve been overdone to the point that my rendition wouldn’t bring anything new to it. The only times I’ve been “ahead” according to others were the candle fingers and the carved brows, but both had been done in the past and just had a bit of a reignition when I did mine.

RMMW: What in your opinion is the most important quality in a makeup artist?

IC: Honesty, perseverance, resiliency... the ability to create and take inspiration from things in an honest way is big for me.
RMMW: How much make up do you normally wear?

IC: Not very much... clear brow gel, mascara, and powder on an average day.

RMMW: In your opinion what is the most important quality in a make up artist?

IC: I love how universal it is, and how endless the possibilities are with it when rendered by others.

RMMW: If you had a superpower what would it be?

IC: I’d love to be a mind reader.

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