Interview, Writer, Poet & Jewellery Designer, Rémy Rytepo aka Michale Poppler

Rémy Rytepo aka Michale Poppler is not only an exceptional story teller but also jewellery designer.  At this point in the interview, I normally write a little bit of a blurb as to how it is that I came to fall in love, with some of not only the poems but ring pieces in Rémy’s collection.  But, Rémy, wrote for me a beautiful introduction that not only explains love of writing but also art and design… Follow on Instagram for more beautiful works.... 

RR: “I have always been fascinated with telling stories; drawing pictures, places and moments in people's mind. Telling Stories have still held a unique position in my heart, as a very young person, I started writing verses, for my passion for creating lyrics for music. Writing always has been my gateway to other places, when other things or moments in my life have not been kind, as it serves as a tool to continually recognize what is good around and value it.  It has provided an essential device for me to rediscover myself and the world.   In this World, we must learn to recognize beauty, even from the worse moments of our life.

As an art, Jewelry surged out of necessity, with the struggles in many industries, as an Artists, I need it to figure out a way in which I could make things that did not work very well for me in my career endeavors, into something new.  I am a soul believer in the ability to craft new dreams when after so long, we are failing in our previews goals. There is a time in our life when we had to kill one idea to born out better one; such is the tale of the fallen hero that rises and in the end success.

I have always been interested in jewelry making as an art form for its direct connection, and self-uniqueness to every person, as every jewelry piece is so intimate to a particular person, similar to a verse of poetry. 

Being so fascinated with storytelling, because of many years of drawing as a child, I design characters for my little tells, their clothing, their faces and their every aspect. These factors let to me to become a Character designer for Video Game, Animation, and the movie industry, even if I have to move on from those endeavors, creating figurines for my stories, give me so much pleasure.

As a designer I think some people lose themselves in an idealized picture of what they want; sometimes a shape wish to be something, and we must let it.  However, a piece must flow, just as our human bodies flow in juxtaposition-completing each form in it.  Having special moments, I think is the most challenging part of any design, so the eyes of the viewer can focus on a particular area.”

RMMW: Beautifully said Remy, thank you… Now, where can your rings be purchased?

RR: I am planning to make a central website soon for my brand; however, I am selling them face to face, or in marketing sites like postmark.

RMMW:Woooohoooo a central website showcasing your work would be incredible. Do you ever keep any of your rings or do you sell all of them?


RMMW:Yes, I can see how they can easily become an intimate pieces… I’d imagine jewelry setting can be difficult – are you self-taught or did you take a course?

RR: I am currently Self-teaching myself, so I am doing it slowly, taking my time, at my own pace.  The smaller the setting, the more difficult.
As an artist, I love any experimental medium I can get my hands on, sometimes the material can determine how hard the setting is going to be; however, for now,  Gold and silver are my preferred ones. 

RMMW: Taking your time is smart, it will allow you to absorb all your newly found skills. Do you have any artist rituals when you create either: poetry or jewelry?

RR: Music is a direct connection with our spirituality; I always listen to music related to the mood I want to show across a particular piece, and its rhythm as it collaborates to have new ideas.

RMMW: For me too… Music fuels my writing depending on what I chose to listen to when I create… We all have an inner critic that can be quite difficult to deal with at times, how do you silence yours?

RR:Yeah, it can be tough at times, I AM my worse critic, but I had learned that If you spend too much time doing something there comes a time when you need to step back and not be so harsh on yourself because it might not be as bad as you think. The best advice someone ever gave me was to know when to step back and take a recess, then take a look with fresh eyes, and after such time apart from it, if you still find it bad them just fix it,  or make something new —and go away for two more hours.
RMMW: You are right, stepping back and away at times can be such a strong catalyst to creating wonderful work. If you had a superpower what would it be?

RR: I think if I have superpowers I like it to be  Master of Time

RMMW: Thanks for such a beautiful interview Rémy. 

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