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I'm standing on the edge of the Universe, or maybe I've fallen
already – I can't tell anymore. Prometheus brought fire to the
party, I bring whiskey. Fancying myself something I'm not, this
dance over the line in the sand turns into a sluggish sway. I',
crashing now, the wind is burning my eyes and I don't think I can
brace myself for this kind of hit. With the emptying of this brown
mash bottle in hand, there's almost something to say about it
being some kind of effigy.
I wouldn't be me if I hadn't been him first. Maybe that's the
justification in this, maybe it;s the end of this infinite
sadness.... A kind of serendipity.

There are so many times throughout the course of our lives where we have no idea if up is down or down is up. But to explore those feelings, I believe to be a great gift regardless of how our moods may contain our spitfire hearts. The imagery in the piece above is quite innovative and thoughtful. We are all surrounded from time to time with infinite sorrow – now here is the clincher – we require the moments of extreme torment to be able to appreciate moments which bring us much joy. Can you imagine having a party with Prometheus – hmmmm, I wonder what I would bring to the party? Perhaps some Romeo & Juliette's or perhaps a delightfully profound flavour of a Cohiba. Mind you, what could we possibly say to the bringer of light besides -- “ thank you for the gift of fire... but why did you feel the need to give it to us, we are nothing but lowly pathetic human beings in dire need of help?” My imagination, could linger all day long.

I never stood a chance, bright white
lights snare me down with mummification
in design. I choke on lithium and LED, she
runs her hands through my hair. There's a
wink, a devilish grin, a lip to bite, a
furrowed brow, I'm enamored and she knows
it. We're loaded into a cannon, my darling
companion fits snug. We'll be a spectacle
for all to see, an inferno across the sky. A
cosmic overload of epic proportions, a
glorious death to ache. The fuse is
lit, but I'm already in the stratosphere...

Her lips find mine.

We explode.

A myriad of images truly came to mind throughout, I started to imagine being squeezed into a small bullet with my love as we are fired up into the sky with a firecracker that truly knows no bounds. Making love in the cosmos while snug inside of each other in a tight space at the ready to genuinely explode. This is a fire light show spectacular – one worth a third and fourth read.

Grasping at straw as I burn the midnight oil; whether
it's people, substance or the thought that I might not be
what I think I am. Network connectivity problems of the
human soul, that's what I'd call it. The endless
disconnect that keeps me unplugged from you. I hate you
for it. I hate me for it. This is my praying you wake up
one morning in a motel bathroom, doped up and missing a
kidney in a tub full of ice.

Yikes, as a writer there are immensely beautiful things about life, glorious subjects that we can scribe about. Things that lighten our hearts but there are also images that come to mind, where we not only want to crush those who have maimed us but destroy them. The imagery truly is limitless when you look at issues of light and dark. The first time I read this piece, I had to do a double take, I've heard of revenge writings but

I hate you
for it. I hate me for it. This is my praying you wake up
one morning in a motel bathroom, doped up and missing a
kidney in a tub full of ice.”

No one ever wants to admit it because they feel someone how it makes the pitch heart an even darker one. But the truth of the matter is light or dark both can expose tremendous evil depending upon your perspective. This end piece, reminds me so much of Edgar Allan Poe

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