Melodee Korff

And so it continues with the fabulously emotive work of Melodee Korff... I've been following Melodee now for sometime and am constantly impressed by the myriad of images which come to fruition with the breath upon her ink. See for yourself...

Love me like you’re drunk,
Like you fucking mean it,
Like you won’t leave me guessing
For one more moment.
Love me like you want me,
Like you damn well need me,
Like you don’t know the meaning
Of subtlety.
Love me like you own me,
Like you’ve fought to get me,
Like you want to keep me
For all of eternity.
Love me like you’re mine,
Like you want the world to know it,
Like we are only dreaming
With our eyes wide open.
Love me like you're desperate,
Like you can't live without me,
Like you're going crazy
Without my kisses.
Love me like the gloves are off,
Like we’ve never been broken,
Like I leave you tipsy
With every word between us.
Come on and dare to love me!

Have you ever loved some one so much that you constantly desire for them to consistently consume you. In terms of love -- I believe we all have that one person who is destined to be the great love of our life. The one to completely obliterate our heart and love it at the same time – as most certainly with passion -- also provides intense conflict stitched within some semblance of self dignity. Because, there is not love alone – in relations that deal with matters of the heart. Hate normally makes an appearance throughout the duration of that love as we can simultaneously love/hate those closest to us – even when we want them to pay attention and acknowledge us fully through outs that are not false – only true passion.

The One

Maybe I'm not the one.
Maybe I'm just one.
One wave trapped in the ocean of your heart.
One path for you to take to make you into the man
you need to be for the one you'll end up with.
And that's perfectly alright.
See, I made a promise to you.
A promise I could keep without crossing my
fingers behind my back.
A promise without pinkies or paperwork.
A promise I sealed with nothing but a kiss.
I promised you that one day you'd see yourself
through my eyes
And you would fall madly in love
And I'll be damned if I don't keep that promise to you.
Because even if I'm not THE one,
Even if I'm just one,
I'm going to be one that leaves your heart better
off than how I found it.

Matters of the heart can indeed be tricky morsels of a life --  we are destined to live especially if it benefits another. People enter our lives during various moments and at times we cement memories concealed only in evil steeped with emotion--  where things could potentially end terribly. Broken hearts ensconce you with a blanket not even big enough to cover you in comfort. I firmly believe that every single individual who enters your life does so for a purpose. Some become lifelong companions. Others eviscerated from your heart in a manner that would make Chernobyl simply appear to be a camp fire burred deep in the woods of our hope and delight. I guess at the end of the day those memories that we hold inside of our core burst with pride or ones that struggle away with evil cores left. There will always be people who you've loved more --  who you'd hope are still in your life but are clearly not meant to be for some reason or another.

Long Abandoned Church

The church once a beacon of hope upon the hill
Sat quaintly in the Winter's quiet and still
Its doors abandoned long ago
Yet her lost soul came searching
searching, searching
Her lost soul came searching for answers to know

The road once well travelled was overgrown
With seeds of doubt that had been sown
The journey proved tiresome for her frail heart
Yet her feet kept trekking
trekking, trekking
Her feet kept trekking towards a fresh start

She climbed through mountains of sorrowful
Until she reached the now darkened doors
She bent her knees in despair
And her trembling head she bowed
bowed, bowed
Her trembling heads she bowed in prayer

She cried out for hope and healing
The strength to go on through life dealing
She prayed for forgiveness for her skin
And the guilt began lifting
lifting, lifting
And the guilt began lifting letting hope in

So many images come to mind upon proper reflection of this poem. I'm reminded of the origin story of Medusa before she had been cursed by Athena. How she had gone into a sacred place and instead of being left alone to pray had been viciously raped by Poseidon. Can you imagine the one place you go to for solace sealed a fate worse than death. Destined to never feel the fresh touch of what it means to genuinely feel loved?

Another image that comes to mind is a book by one of my favourite writers like EVER... Paulo Cohelo wrote a book called By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept the main character is torn between loving someone she had known since she was young and letting them go to freely do the work they were put on the earth to do. There is such a profound and poignant love there --  that I believe can be understood fully by the scribe of this piece...

Religious or not, there is something to be said about hallowed ground and exactly what it represents – the old lone and creaking church consumes me with feelings of both hope and despaire – what does it consume you with?

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