Meghann Wright, Music Review

Brooklyn, New York based Singer/Songwriter Meghann Wright released her self titled album on October 28, 2014 with four new tracks including: Cocaine, Can’t Carry Water, Left My Heart in Brooklyn and Worth it (which is a Canadian bonus track only, but, if I were you I would try to get my ears listening to this one too!)

Meghann’s music exhibits not only strong musicality but also lyrics that profoundly hit my personal angels/demons. The best way for me to describe it I suppose, is for my readers to contemplate the delicate demeanour of a ballerina. Completely and utterly consumed with poise on the exterior with an immense brave face yet on the inside there may perhaps be issues that riddle the soul with tremendous pain. If you could picture a delicate pair of light-pink tipped-ballet shoes adored with silver metallic spikes; permitting a moment that allows for soft, gentle, demure characteristics while exhibiting traits that render one fearless.

Can’t Carry Water completely resonates with me as it induces all of these incredible images as to how water impacts our lives. And by water I mean self doubt and lack of faith in our personal journeys. How throughout the course of our lives water moves in and out of us; the weight at times being too much to physically and emotionally endure. Can’t Carry Water is quite relatable both with an intimate or global perspective and how it most sincerely impacts our day to day interactions -- the depth that comes from this song I assure you will reduce the listener to tears. Water can be harvested from anywhere there is moisture, either by thread, bucket, canteen or the drops that fall from your multi-coloured hued optics right back into our earth. As with our tribulations that encompass our essence as we attempt to do our very best in life.

My well has been emptied please read these lyrics below and you will know exactly what I mean by that!

Can’t Carry Water

As hard as I try with all my might
I cannot count all of the stars in the sky
So I’ll just look up at all the small lights
And wonder at how there’s so many tonight

As hard as I wish I can’t
Touch them or hold them with my bare hands
As hard as I try they’re just like
Water that runs though my fingers and grasp
Water that runs through my fingers and hands

As hard as I try I can’t
I can’t carry water with my bare hands
As hard as I wish with all my might
I can’t make you love me forever tonight
I can’t make you love me forever tonight

I can’t carry water / I can’t carry you
As hard as I try

As hard as I try my hands
Can’t bring down all of the stars in the sky
To light your way back to be by my side
I can’t make you love me forever tonight
I can’t make you love me forever tonight

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Left my heart in Brooklyn, Meghann Wright


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